Another Evening Shot in the Rump

I only played WAR a little bit last night.  I logged in, found that the elf front had been pushed back to Eataine, and headed there for some RvR.  Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much happening.  We took an objective and scared a few groups of Destruction away from a keep, but that’s all.  Then, I had to head to Altdorf for a guild meeting with my new guild.

I am not a fan of guild meetings.  You can try to gloss over them with roleplaying, you can try to make it entertaining, but in the end it’s just another meeting.  I have been known to fall asleep in meetings at work – the chances of me remaining awake and alert in a video game meeting are virtually nil.  After the meeting, most people headed off to instances again.  It’s becoming a trend.

Not willing to PUG anything, I logged off for the night and played an offline game.  I’m almost afraid to admit it, but I had a lot of fun playing TRON 2.0 instead of WAR last night, and stayed up far too late re-discovering the novelty of the game.  Today’s Friday, though: RvR generally heats up on the weekend, so hopefully I’ll get a little siege action going.


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