The Calm After the Storm

In the aftermath of this weeks’ guild drama, yesterday was relatively quiet.  There are still occasional grumbles from one party or another, but it’s mostly just letting off steam at this point.

I tried to do a little RvR last night, but Order just didn’t have enough population to challenge Destruction in the field.  We had people online, but half of them were embroiled in instances.  I thought that would happen; everyone is getting dragged into the gear grind at this point.  While occasional instances are a good thing, being forced to repeat the same ones over and over until your eyes bleed is not.

On another blog, they were discussing the RvR Influence rewards for tier 4.  I have to say that the Engineer stuff looks great, but the stats are absolutely craptastic.  Even with +Wounds talismans, you can’t completely salvage the set – the initial +Wounds is virtually nonexistent.  Since +Wounds is probably the single most important stat for RvR, it’s puzzling that such a critical bonus is completely missing from the RvR items.


2 Responses to “The Calm After the Storm”

  1. I wonder if they have come to realize that if everyone could, they WOULD stack wounds insanely high because it’s so important for RvR. Mythic probably did most of their balancing around non-wound stacked careers and giving us access to too much wounds would throw things out of whack. That’s just a guess though…


  2. That sounds logical, but itemization in this game has been pretty poor. The direct by-product of making items with desirable stats so hard to come by is that they skyrocket in price (supply vs. demand and all that). A permanent +Wounds talisman will cost you over 200 gold (on a side note, I’m betting that this kind of thing is what keeps the WAR gold farmers in business). The few drops that are BoE and give +Wounds have similarly inflated prices. Heck, I have several rare rifles (blues), but I still use the uncommon (green) one I bought off of the auction house for almost 15 gold, just because it actually gives +Wounds.

    Personally, I think that they should implement a point of diminishing returns for stat bonuses. That would discourage people from stacking a single stat, and encourage you to balance your stats appropriately.


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