Despicable Drama

As I’ve stated before, I’m not a fan of guild drama.  A guild is more than a group of players running towards a common goal, and it is not just an in-game social support network.  A guild should be a circle of friends.  Casual friends, certainly – I don’t see becoming close friends with someone you never actually meet or talk to face-to-face.  Still, your guild mates should all be genuinely friendly, respectful, and pleasant to be around.

On Monday, one of my guild officers asked me what was most important in the guild and what was I looking to get out of being in my guild.  I told him that it was simple: it’s important that a guild be populated with compatible people, personality-wise, and all a guild really needs to do is provide events where these people can hang out together and have fun with the in-game content.  I have no grandiose goals for Warhammer.  I’m not looking to be “the best engineer ever” or anything.

So, imagine my surprise when I logged on to my computer, browsed the guild message boards, and found that two guild officers whom I respected and often joined in groups, had been kicked (removed) for failing to support the guild.  It made no sense to me.  I had a fairly in-depth discussion with one of these former officers, and got their point of view.  This was a very subjective call, in the end.  I think that in the guild leader’s eyes, the two really weren’t supporting his vision for the guild.

All of this was complicated when most of the remaining leadership and almost half of the standing members suddenly requested that the guild leader step down.  Apparently, they were also troubled by the guild leader’s decision, though asking for a resignation was a bit extreme.  I have to say that I felt sorry for the guild leader – he has personally put a lot of time and money into the guild site and ventrilo server.  What could have been a discussion turned rather confrontational, and about half of the tier 4 people left the guild, including most of the people with whom I usually spend my time.

So, I had to make a choice.  I could remain where I was, watch most of the people I play the game with drift away, and hope that we could recruit new leadership and people with compatible personalities.  Alternatively, I could rebel against my sense of loyalty, and follow the players who were leaving.  I chose the latter.  I didn’t like doing it – when I adopt a guild as my own, it becomes my home.  However, a guild is also the sum of its members.  I suppose that, in a sense, I merely followed my guild mates to a new home.

We’ve joined one of our allied guilds.  I fully expect a big row over our “defection” from our old home to our new one.  Everyone is bracing for it, and I believe that the leaders of CKK (my new guild) are working on a contingency plan for a worst case scenario.  Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and people will realize that they were wrong to back the leader of my old guild into a corner.  At the same time, my former guild leader needs to relax the reins a little bit.  I feel that both sides came away from this incident with a few scratches and bruises (especially bruised egos), but both sides can also learn from this.


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