Fell Landing: the Fort so Nice, that We Visited It Twice

Or something like that.  Yeah, the alliance powers-that-be decided to attack the dark elf fortress again this weekend.  Naturally, we did not take the fortress lord down, and I’m not sure that it’s possible to do so if a fortress is  significantly defended.  However, some observations:

I can happily report that fortress lords have had their AoE damage slashed in half.  I can also confirm that the population controls on the fortress zones are in place.  I think that it did somewhat lessen the burden on the client and server, but the fight is still very laggy.  Both of these made the fight a little more tolerable.  If you don’t make it to the fortress, then you’re probably going to end up fighting your opponents as they try to blockade your warcamp, or as you try to block theirs.

On a more personal level, Koljarn hit RR47.  I’ve been saving a few skill points for the renown trainer for when the final tier opened up to me, and so I browsed them… and was unimpressed.  I snagged a couple of RvR tactics instead of +crit, dodge, etc.  I suppose the 2% bonus is great, if that’s what your build is meant for.  My own dodge, crit, block, and so forth are so low that it’s not worth considering.  Burst damage isn’t my thing, and I mitigate damage by not getting hit to begin with.  These renown skills are probably great for melee DPS, though.

Oh, and shock of shocks: I got into a scenario team that managed to win fourinstances of Caledor Woods.  Yes, Order apparently can win scenarios once in a while.


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