Choose Wisely

I tried a little RvR on Ostermark last night andended up joining a PUG made up of people from our alliance.  Not my best experience, honestly.  There was little organization, no focus, and it was more frustrating than enjoyable.  To make matters worse, they insisted queueing up the PUG groups for scenarios.  Caledor Woods only popped up once, but it was more than enough — the Order PUGs were summarily dismantled by the organized Destro groups.  The warband leader called for leaving the scenario halfway through it, but I refused to quit.  If there’s not a zone lock at the least, nothing’s going to drag me out of a scenario despite the fact that I hate them.

The scenario PUG debacle was followed up with two keep defense PUG debacles.  While we had nearly equal numbers of players to Destruction, they just weren’t acting in an intelligent manners; milling around on the walls, wandering around by the postern, not forming defensive lines, and generally just feeding Destruction a bunch of renown.  Fortunately, Ostermark crashed halfway through the second keep defense.

So, I created a Chosen alt on Phoenix Throne.  I know, I said that I don’t like to tank.  Well, I still don’t.  Honestly, despite the fact that Destruction got rolled in each and every scenario in which I played, it wasn’t a horrible experience.  It really is just a mirror of the Knight of the Blazing Sun, to my untrained lowbie eyes.  And I figure that if I play him to any degree, I’ll just go with a two handed weapon.  Not being in a guild there, I have no one to harass me and tell me that I have to play the “correct” way.

So, here’s my only real questions about Destruction – specifically Chaos.  Why the hell are the NPCs so nice?  From the books I’ve read, there should be an undercurrent of sibilant hostility, since every Tzeentchian cultist or worshipper is looking not only to crush the Empire, but to stab all other cultists in the back in order to ensure that they rise to eminence rather than their compatriots.  And I guess that the Dark Elves are the mailmen of Destruction?  thinking about it as I passed a mailbox, I just couldn’t see any organized correspondence effort on the side of Chaos or the Greenskins.  Yeah, I’m taking this a bit too seriously in some respect, and some things require a compromise in order to make a playable game, but we’re talking the lore, here. 

Eh, it could be worse, though.  Dwarf Engineers could have been forced to ride mechanical ostriches, as in a certain other game.


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