Every Girl Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

Big wrench, new gun,

Gonna shoot some Destro, gonna have some fun.

New shirt, Annihilator,

Think I’ll napalm a bunch of baddies later.

The babes sneak my way, quick as they can,

‘Cause Witch Elves just crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!


Gear.  Getting basic gear in WAR is not a problem.  Getting the advanced stuff is nigh impossible.  I’m not talking about the Annihilator stuff (which, truth be told, I rather prefer for the grenade bonus).  I’m talking about Sentinel and Conqueror sets.

I understand the reason that they’re difficult to get.  Mythic wants to slow progression down.  Frankly, the greater ward sets are such a slight upgrade over the Annihilator set, that I have no overwhelming need to get them.  Furthermore, they are really needed for PvE purposes, not RvR.  So, why bother looking for them?

I’m one of those people that like to see some progression in the game.  I get a little of it by earning renown ranks (up to 46 last night – looking forward to 50 and a new title).  The Greater Ward gear is only  needed if we are ever to assault the enemy capital, and a city assault by either side seems far off.  Neither side has been able to take out a fortress, yet.  And PvE has it’s own share of problems.  One I frequently encounter in multiple MMOs is that scheduled groups don’t start at the advertised times – or do not even pay attention to the names on the sign up sheet and take whomever they want. 

So, it looks like the old World of Warcraft PvE grind all over again.  I made a decision last night.  I’ll take any instance run with any group, even if it locks me out of the instance for a possible guild event.  Self reliance is paramount.  Depending solely on others will just get you left in the dust.  It’s a little bit selfish, but the lesson I took away from WoW was that you have to be a little selfish if you’re going to be of use to anyone in the future.

Edit: it looks like the whole ward/PvE grind is a popular topic today.


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