The Politics of Warhammer

Big idea, big egos, and big confidence.  These are the things that drive alliances in Warhammer Online.  Most alliances are guided by a handful of people, sometimes even just one, and drive towards their goal in whatever method they believe to be the best.  The goal is not in question.  Mythic laid that out at the inception of the game.  Your goal is to sack the capital of the opposing faction.  Where differences arise is in the methodology used to get to your goal.

These differences often erupt into conflicts.  Remember what I said about big egos?  Rarely will a leader in a MMO alliance or guild concede that they may be wrong.  They generally will not even admit that another person may be correct. And it just degenerates from these, decending into public insults, childish name-calling, and one alliance alienating another (or all others).  From personal experience, these steps are inevitable.  I’v even seen it in PvE game like WoW.   It’s jsut what happens when you bring a bunch of people together.

So, at this point you have a population split into factions.  Not that the average player cares who’s in charge (personally, I don’t give a damn who leads so long as someone does).  However, with the guid label on each player, each guild and alliance begins to think in a “us” and “them” mentality.  This is where the politics of MMOs really starts.  There’s going to be negotiations, accusations, and rejections.  Hopefully, there will be someone with enough diplomacy out there who can arrange a comprimise between the factions.  That’s where the true leaders will emerge.

So, what does this mean to the poor slobs like you and me running around and trying to fight the good fight?  Well, my policy is just to follow whomever is commanding my alliance warband at this point.  I don’t get involved in the arguments, but people will still attack you with blanket statements if you are a member of a guild and/or alliance.  Let the leaders fight it out for control of the forces, it’s how they get their rocks off.

In other words, play the game as it stands in front of you and to hell with the consequences.


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