Poor Dragonwake, Unloved by All

Yesterday, I had to play hooky from work due to staying up too late on Sunday.  On Ostermark, Destruction locked Caledor, Dragonwake, and Eataine, then pressed the elf fortress (Shining Way, which sounds a little too much like Shining Path for my comfort level).  I was pretty impressed.  Unfortunately, I was also irritated, as this happened at midnight on a Sunday.  So, it was well after 0100 when I logged out, probably near 0200 when I got to bed.  Needless to say, I was in no shape to drag myself to work at 0530.

So, last night Order locked Dragonwake again.  It surprised me as much as the Sunday moves by Destruction.  It’s also interesting to read the zone and RvR chat while in Dragonwake.  It seems that no one likes the zone except me.  Now, it could be that the scenario crowd hates Dragonwake more than anyone else – after all, Serpent’s Passage is a Dragonwake scenario, and it is the most maligned (and played) scenario in tier 4.  It could also be the fact that Dragonwake has more narrow choke points and narrow bridges than other zones.

Whatever the case, it seems like there is a concerted effort on both the Destruction and Order sides of Ostermark to lock Dragonwake as soon as possible and get the heck out of the zone.  A shame, really.  It has such nice bridges.


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