PvP or RvR?

“Warhammer Online is a PvP game!”

“No, Warhammer Online is a RvR game!”

Hey, wait a minute you two!  Warhammer Online is both!

All right, maybe it’s a good thing I never tried my hand at writing commercials.  However, I have seen it bandied about that Warhammer is either a PvP game or it is a RvR game.  Mostly, it’s RvR.  However it does have some PvP.  confusing?  Let’s break down the terminology a little more.

PvP is player-versus-player.  It is a raw test of skill between a handfule of people on each side, or even a one-on-one duel.  Does Warhammer feature this?  Yes!  Those are scenarios.  They do have an overall impact on the war effort for each side, but they are minor compared to the points awarded from RvR.

RvR is realm-versus-realm.  Some people refer to it as zerg versus zerg, but this is an unfair description.  While it takes personal skill for your side to win at PvP, RvR is a contest of organization, strategy, and command skills.  Anyone who thinks that it is a simple task to get 80 people all working towards the same goal has never tried to lead.  I’ll just say that to actually move a large group of people towards a goal, you need to have a highly adaptable plan, a command-and-communication medium of some sort, and enough influence to get others working towards the game goal.  Oh, and you can’t do this on your own, you will need assistants.  Managing this many people is too much for one person to handle.

A good analogy for the difference between a player who excels at PvP and one who excels at RvR is a well trained soldier versus an officer.  The soldier can fight well.  The officer can lead and organize well.  Which is more importants?  Well, you really can’t have officers without soldiers to command, and without officers, a soldier’s efforts will have little impact on the big picture.


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