Mixed Nuts

What a strange day of WAR New Years Day turned out to be.  I bounced between tiers 2, 3, and 4 all day.

I do still enjoy playing Belus, my White Lion.  Lag is more of an issue with a melee class, but he is still effective and carries tremendous value as a flanker.  The only downside to playing a melee DPS class is your extremely limited role in keep defense.  You have no real ranged attack, and there are only two siege pads on a keep.  You can’t take the punishment of a tanks, either, so you’re not the best choice to hold the line at the tops of the ramp in the lord room.  Basically, you hope the rest of the team routs the enemy so you can pursue and cut a few down.  In back-to-back defenses of Mandred’s Hold, I had nothing better to do than keep summoning my lion and sending him out on a suicide run.

In tier 3, I played my Warrior Priest until we locked the elf zones in order to contribute to a Dragonwake lock.  I’m not a healer at heart.  Little things hitting each other.  That’s what I like.  (as previously mentioned)  The Warrior Priest has pretty much been relegated to healbot status, now that they can regain Righteous Fury just by holding a book.  Locking Avelorn and Sapphery took several hours.  Frankly, I think Destruction just got tired of playing and let us have the zone.  Perseverance pays off.

All of this playing in lower tiers got us the aforementioned Dragonwake lock (yay!), and I woke Koljarn up from a drunked Keg End stupor and ran out to play.  I’ve been having some strange targeting issues with land mines and napalm grenades in laggy situations – the things tend to simply stick in mid-air somewhere.  Still, we had some great times taking the keeps in Caledor.  I got to play the Caledor Woods scenario, of which I still don’t know what the objective is.  No big deal, I dropped grenades on the enemy for 15 minutes.  We lost, but I topped order’s damage charts and got over 4k renown, so that made me happy enough.  Generally, though, I have a hard time as a grenadier in the open field.  I just don’t have the needed burst damage.  In a siege situation, I can be brutal – which is just as it should be, since that’s the description of the Engineer class.

One thing to ponder over the weekend: what are the odds the Destruction just LET  us lock Dragonwake in order to escape the incessant Serpent’s Passage scenarios?  Personally, I rarely hit scenarios, but I know that some Destruction players practically live in them.


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