I’m With Stupid ->

Everyone has experienced them.  Whether you yourself said something idiotic (usually followed by about a minute of silence as you try to parse what just came out of your mouth or through your keyboard), or when another person comes up with some hare-brained comment or Wile-E-Coyote quality plan, we have all experienced “Stupid Moments” in WAR.  Sometimes these moments can be blamed on frothing berserkerism.  You know what I mean – uncontrollable bloodlust that drives you or another person to abandon a tactically sound position in order to rap someone on the noggin for a paltry amount of damage before they and their 5 friends annihilate you well out of resurrection range.  At other times, these bursts of stupidity defy explanation.

The latest experience that I had was a player loudly complaining that we should stop hiding in a keep (which we were actively defending) because it was “cowardly.”  I will grant that the number of attackers was about equal to the number of defenders at that time, but I am not really sure why someone would leave a strong position, where your force is almost guaranteed to win, for a much weaker position.  That’s only my latest experience, of course.

I’m a pretty understanding guy, at least in public channels.  I can sympathize when someone says “let charge them, it’s just a game, and it’ll be fun!”  It is indeed “just a game,” but remember one thing: to play at less than your best is an insult to your teammates and an insult to your opponent.  It’s a bit different if you’re just grouped with friends.  In that case, there’s no problem with “what the hell, let’s charge and die, it’ll be fun,” because it really can be fun doing any lunatic activity with good friends.  Even charging into the teeth of the enemy for no other reason than the fact that they were standing there.  Mixed groups demand a bit more etiquette and respect, but that’s a whole topic of it’s own.  Maybe another time.


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