Lion, the Other White Meat

Guh… I hate, hate, hate it when they switch my shift from nights to days in the middle of the damn week.  I get like 3  hours of sleep, and am worthless to anyone in the office for two days.  At least my attitude can’t get much worse, as I’m already the office curmudgeon.

Anyway.  Warhammer.  With my limited time last night (due to the aforementioned mid-week shift change), I didn’t want to get wrapped up in tier 4 last night, so I loped back off to tier 2 with my White Lion.  Belus is inexorably closing in on rank 21, but his renown has been catching up with him (up to RR 19 now). 

Unfortunately, I ended up doing keep defense and more keep defense at Mandred’s Hold.  Two extended defense actions demonstrated to me a weakness of melee classes which I already knew existed, but hadn’t really been forced to experience firsthand.  I’m talking about the utter lack of things that a melee DPS can do during a defense.  You can’t really attack from the walls, you can’t really stand as part of a shield wall, and you probably won’t be able to get hold of a siege pad, as there are only two of them in the keep.  I ended up just repeatedly summoning my lion, sending him out to harass a selected enemy, and repeating the process until it finally came down to resisting a serious push by Destruction at the lord room.  If you can break the final push, then you have a few minutes of fun as the White Lion excels at pursuit and harassment of a fleeing enemy, but getting to that point seems to take forever – and relies entirely on the abilities of other classes.

I will say that the influence was great, though.  Belus has all of the Empire RvR influence rewards, now.  I’d love to get him the elite-level weapon from the elf influence reward list, but I never seem to fight there.  It must be a general aversion to Spite’s Reach.


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