Just Checking In

It appears that the blog is still here. Good, good….

The dysfunctional family seems to be somewhat functional this time around.  My parents’ poodle is as dim witted as ever.  Not a bad holiday so far.  And then, I made the mistake of reading the Ostermark boards on WHA.

You know, I thought that I left cliques behind in high school.  I was definitely wrong.  Everyone seems to be circling the wagons and sniping at each other.  This includes my own guild and alliance, and frankly, it’s disturbing.  I had high hopes for a little more maturity on Ostermark, but so be it.

I’m not sure what the solution is.  I actually considered just starting a fresh set of characters on Phoenix Throne, but they may be just as bad over there.  I also thought about leaving my guild and staying on Ostermark  as an independent, but that doesn’t appeal to me, either.

I’ve got a few days to think about it.  Comments and advice are welcome.

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