Keg Slayers and Fortress Defenders

It was quite the weekend on Ostermark.  Koljarn spent the lion’s share of Saturday and Sunday scrambling to make up for lost time on the list of tasks for the Keg End event.  Most of the tasks are simple grinding things – kill 50 snotlings, drink 100 kegs of beer, etc.  One task, however, was a real challenge to finish, due to me getting a late start on things.  That was the “kill 20 ogre tyrants” task.

It took me two days of cajoling to get some guildmates to head out to Thunder Mountain and grind some ogre skulls beneath our boots.  Not that I hadn’t seen the ogres before Sunday – on some of the defense calls I received, Koljarn passed the ogres often while traversing the RvR lake in Black Crag.  We never had the time to attack one, though.  Always in fast response mode.  Well, finally, at 2300 on Sunday I got a group of people together, we killed the damned ogres, and Koljarn got his Keg Slayer title.  Koljarn also got his “advanced” influence reward, which is a nice mug to go with the keg he has woven into his beard.

Speaking of RvR, it was a curious weekend.  Destruction managed to lock Chaos Wastes and send the fight back to Praag.  Which is a shame, since I never seem to get to explore the Chaos Wastes.  I was surprised when Destruction followed this up by locking Dragonwake, then locking Eataine a few hours later.  As best as I can tell, the Order players that were in Dragonwake/Eataine and the Chaos Wastes queued up for scenarios in regular PUG mentality, while Destruction organized every single group they had for scenarios, resulting in your typical 500 point steamrollering in each game.  Additionally, Order people just kept running around in the open RvR lakes while being outnumbered and not in a defensible position.  Basically, Destruction was being organized and Order was acting lackadaisical.  Destruction deserved to control those zones, and Order did not.

It is possible, though, that Order threw in the towel and let Destruction take Eataine.  I say this because when Order responded to a general call-to-arms at the Shining Way Fortress, there was an impenetrable wall of Ironbreakers at the third floor and quite a few of us Engineer types.  Engineers in a well organized defense are in their element.  We turned the second flor into a giant napalm-fueled barbecue grill.  Bright Wizards did their share, of course.  Over the course of a 45 minute defense at the upper floor, we routed several waves of Destruction as they re-organized and came back for more two times.  I really don’t think that Destruction had planned to take Eataine – they we short on tanks, which is truly odd on Ostermark where Destruction is tank-heavy.  Without their own wall of tanks, routing them was not really an issue.  Oh, and the server didn’t crash once!  That’s a big improvement over the last fortress battle.

There was also a good deal of RvR in Black Crag, as previously noted.  Koljarn got to renown rank 43, which is nice, I suppose.  The guild is making noise about tackling some of the higher end-game content.  I think it’s a possibility, as more and more people complete their Annihilator set.

And those are the highlights of the last few days.  The Christmas holiday is coming up, and I’ll be heading out of town for a week starting tomorrow night.  So, no Ostermark drama, but plenty of dysfunctional family drama!

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