Friday at Last

Finally, Friday has arrived.  Last night of second shift for a while, and I have to prepare for my annual pilgrimage to the Garden State for Christmas celebrations.  However, tonight I will make time to play a little WAR!

Holidays and MMOs rarely mix, anyway.  Even when I lived a mere 20 minutes away from all my relatives, online game servers would be ghost towns during the holidays.  This is more noticeable in WAR than other games, due to the reliance of WAR on RvR to provide so much of the content.  If there are no players, then there is no RvR.

I haven’t even started on Keg End.  Hopefully, I can knock out the interesting parts over the weekend, in between last minute shopping expeditions and travel preperations. It looks like a fun little event, though there is some backlash out there against it.  There’s always backlash against in-game events, it is to be expected.

I heard that Order/Ostermark attempted an attack on a fortress.  Good for them.  The server probably crashed again, but no one can say that we didn’t put forth the effort.


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