I Don’t Cotton to those Elfie-Types

Not normally, at least.  I have to say that if Koljarn wasn’t my main character, I’d probably be playing Belus, my White Lion.  White Lions are not like your run-of-the-mill stereotypical elf.

In the Old World of the Warhammer universe, the wood elves are your Celtic wannabees.  Hug trees, hide in the woods, love nature to pieces, that sort of thing.  Fairly tribal and a little savage, but still, a recognizable stereotype.  High elves are aristocratic with a touch of Rome, Machiavelli, and Tolkien.  They are incredibly, skilled, but not simply because they are talented.  They live many centuries, and have all the time in the world to hone their skills – and they do.  So, what makes White Lions different?

The elves of Chrace are naturalists, but unlike the wood elves, who live with nature, the elves of  Chrace are the wardens of nature.    I can more easily relate to that, as I’m not a pastoral type of person.  It’s as if a park ranger got militant and started making armed patrols, going to far as to thin the herd when overpopulation or starvation loomed.

The lore behind the White Lions of the tabletop game is pretty basic: they are elite guards of the Phoenix King, who must prove themselves by going out and slaying a full-grown lion of Chrace in hand-to-hand combat.  These aren’t your garden variety wispy Questor-the-elf types. who run around with a bow, playing “catch me of you can.”  These guys are badasses.

I enjoy the playstyle of the White Lion, also.  Generally, I maneuver around until I see an opening in the enemy lines or until I find myself on a flank or amongst the rearguard, then I charge in like a wrecking ball and see how much damage I can cause.  Frequently, it’s a lot.  If I can stay in range of healing, I can cause a major panic as ranged DPS goes down in a heap and healers find themselves being hit with an axe and eaten by a big ol’ lion.  Even when I fail to take an enemy down, I always cause a major amount of disruption.  What more could I ask for?

If you play Order, give a White Lion a try.  Heck, if you play Destruction make one as a whim on another server.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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