Better than a Trip to Coney Island

The last few days seems to have been quite the roller coaster ride on Ostermark.

I got home late (about 2300) last night, only to learn that Order had managed to push and lock Thunder Mountain again.  In the defense of Destruction, the population on a Monday is pretty dismal, so I expect that they just didn’t have the people or the direction to oppose a sudden flurry of activity on Order’s behalf.  As I understand it, this was simply a result of Order locking the lower tiers, then finishing off their work in Thunder Mountain itself.

Which leads me to Black Crag.  I don’t like this zone.  The RvR lake is cramped and claustrophobic.  It’s really not a place that favors RDPS, and Order/Ostermark relies heavily on RDPS.  The keeps seem to be very buggy, also.  Siege pads and oil simply do not work, and you have to rely on force of numbers.  If you happen to not have the people on hand, you can’t defend against a significantly superior force.

All of that aside, I’m actually quite pleased that Order put this offensive together.  It shows that we can still act as a single force, even though we may be factitious and quarrelsome at times.

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