Monday Shuffle

Ah, Monday.  Day of new beginnings.  Day of fresh starts.  Well, starting today, I’ll be on a later work schedule, meaning sleeping late in the morning, working into the evening, and playing WAR well after midnight.

And that may be for the best, considering the recent activity patterns on Ostermark.  People seem to log in around 2000 and log out around 2300, with a second wave of players logging on shortly thereafter.  It used to be that population-wise, Order was somewhat outnumbered in the early evening, then we would be reinforced around 2100.  Since the transfers, it starts with Order having roughly equal numbers early in the evening, then gradually losing the edge until it hits a ratio of 1.5:1 on favor of Destruction.  You can defend in that sort of environment, but you cannot attack, and that leads to a very stagnant game.  Nothing can be done to remedy this, however.  Mythic does not dare tell players that they cannot generate a character wherever they please, nor do they dare put a cap on the maximum number of either faction logged in at the same time.  To do so would hurt them in the wallet, which is their one major vulnerability.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though.  On Saturday, Destruction managed to lock Reikland.  We had been expecting that since Friday, and had a regular rotation of guilds and alliances in Reikwald fortress.  There was no way thay Destruction could have attacked that place without us having defenders there in force and waiting for them.  Reikwald fortress, like all fortresses, has three outer gates, making it easier to get through the outer doors than in a keep, which is pretty silly.  The inner fortress, however, is much more imposing.  Unfortunately, we never got to put the fort to the full test, as whenever we called in all available forces, all the way down to rank 10 characters, the zone would crash.  three times in an hour it crashed, and finally the timer ran out and Destruction was forced back to Praag.  I’m not sure that we could have held out at Reikwald indefinitely, but I’m sure we had a good shot at delaying Destruction for the one hour timer.

Sunday morning, Order followed this up by locking Kadrin Valley, which had been locked by Destruction for weeks.  Order used the generated momentum to lock Thunder Mountain for a while, but  the numbers of Order dropped sharply near midnight, while Destruction’s numbers swelled up, and Black Crag was soon locked by Destruction again.  The remaining Order holed up in the keep in the middle of the zone, and hunkered down.  Sure enough, all the BOs and the other keep were quickly captured, and the Destruction warbands were soon at the gate.

Remember what I had said about the fortress having softer outer defenses than a keep?  Definitely true.  We held Destruction for half an hour at the outer walls – we couldn’t hold them longer, because  the outer door went down from ranged firepower alone.  Retreating to the inner keep, we rained more death on the enemy warbands (yes, plural) until the inner door also broke open from ranged firepower.  Determined to make them pay for each foot of territory, no less than three grenadier keep the raps and the second floor enshrouded in napalm.  There was no safe place from which to advance in the keep.  Our few tanks and melee DPS stood at the top of the stairs to cause congestion, and the carnage ensued.  Packed that tightly, the attackers were simply juicy targets for our grenadiers and bright wizards, who lay down sheet after sheet of area effect attacks, causing the entire enemy force to slowly wither and die.  We expected another attack on the keep, so several groups, including myself, stayed behind, but the defense ultimately broke the attempt to lock the zone.

So, the complexion of Ostermark has changed, but I think we can still affect it.  We have to play smart.  Taking keeps is grand, and I’m sure everyone likes receiving loot.  However, defending keeps is what we have to do, so long as we face superior numbers.  It works.

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