Kick Them When They’re Up, Kick Them When They’re Down

Last night finally saw a concerted return to tier 4 by Order on Ostermark.

Koljarn started the night in Praag.  There was a nearly full warband out and about, and I joined them.  Unfortunately, we quickly found ourselves heavily outnumbered by Destruction.  After the Destruction warbands attacked the Southern Garrison, we vandalized the Garrison of Skulls until the southern keep fell, then relocated to Dragonwake to consolidate in a defensive position.

We swept through Dragonwake, seizing all the objectives and keeps.  At that point, my guild called an emergency meeting, and I had to leave the field for about an hour.  This was fine with me.  You have to dangle the bait a little before the fish will bite.

And bite they did.  When the guild meeting adjourned and we headed back to Dragonwake, there was literally a full warband of Destruction trying to seal off our warcamp.    They stayed long enough to take the Fireguard Spire objective, and then began to attack Drakebreaker’s Scourge.  I’m not sure why they pulled back from blocking us.  Maybe the defenders at the keep were giving the rest of the Destruction forces too much trouble.  Killing a few stragglers as we advanced, we barreled into the flank of the enemy force and routed them.

While we consolidated our warband at Drakebreaker’s, the other Order players surged forward and sealed off the Destruction warcamp.  That’s not a good place to pick a fight, what with the guards and all.  Gradually, the Order forces began to thin out.  Using low cunning, we gathered the half a warband of ours that remained in the area and hid in a gulley down by Milaith’s Memory for several minutes.  After other battlefield objectives further to the west were attacked, we attacked and defended Milaith’s Memory, then we garrisoned the Covenant of Flame.

Presumably, the other Order players had filtered through the Destruction forces and managed to get into Drakebreaker’s Scourge, because Destruction doubled back and attacked us in the Covenant of Flame.  We gave them a long, spirited fight.  Even when the outer door fell, we held.  Napalm, boiling oil, and bright wizards turned the front gate into the mouth of hell, and it became more of a ranged duel than anything else as no one in their right mind would step into that mess of flaming death.  We simply had more ranged firepower than Destruction, and that carried the day.


So, how did the 1.6 and 1.1 patches impact the battle this evening?  After the defense of Covenant of Flame, I received a 3200 renown bonus.  There is now significant motivation to defend keeps!  I am also pleased to report that since patch 1.6, Strafing Run works.  It only gives a short knockback, but a third knockback attack in my arsenal is welcome.  And, it is yet more AoE!  The main assist feature didn’t help us much.  Our main assist just wasn’t alive, or was manning artillery.  I was on the receiving end of an assist train several times, but as a DoT specialist I can strike and retreat very quickly.


One last thing I want to talk about in today’s verbose post is the difference between PvP and RvR.  PvP is simple – see a player kill a player.  Your objective is just to cause mayhem.  It’s fun, but it cannot maintain my interest for long.  RvR is different.  RvR requires that a group of players work together towards a goal while opposed by another group of players.  Yes, you can play Warhammer for PvP, but it is tweaked for RvR.  If you insist on playing WAR as a PvP only game, you’re missing out on the best parts.

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