Some Goals Achieved

Not a bad two days.  Koljarn is now Rank 40, Renown Rank 40, Scavenging skill 200, and Apothecary skill 200.  I need to work on his gear to get more health (5500 is not enough), but that’s all that seems to be an immediate concern.  Tier 4 has been very, very slow over the last few days.  While that suited me just fine for finishing my Apothecary skill grind, it feels like I’m losing focus on the central theme of the game.  I need to get involved in more RvR.  Maybe a few scenarios will help set me straight.

I have played on alts a great deal, mainly because that’s where the people seem to be.  I can understand Order being under strength right now, with people grinding away at a Knight of the Blazing Sun alt.  Order has always been critically short on tanks, at least on Ostermark.  However, there are a lot of Blackguard alts out there as well, which I find puzzling.  Unless the new Blackguards are being played by people whose main character is a different tank, such as a Black Orc or a Chosen, then this may pull the teeth of Destruction.  Blackguards have been called a “DPS tank” by some, but the glaring fact is that they still do tank-level damage; they cannot rival a Witch Elf or a Marauder.  Such is the price of durability.

My two most active alts are a Warrior Priest and a White Lion.  The White Lion is easy and fun.  Pick a target, try to attack it from a flank or from the rear, kill target.  He’ll probably be a split spec if he ever reaches Rank 40 – I like the Axeman line, but I also like the Pounce ability.  The Warrior Priest, on the other hand, remains an enigma to me.  He’s strong in PvE to the point of absurdity.  In RvR, he’s lackluster.  At present, he’s Grace specced, but I may decide to go with Wrath, just because no one else does.


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