I Feel Old

Finally, Koljarn is rank 40/40.  I celebrated by relaxing on an alt for most of the weekend.  People must have thought I quit the game or something.

So, what now for Koljarn?  I’ve been hitting the tier 2 areas in order to grind out some Apothecary skill.  Potions are a very useful item for an AoE player – you’re going to draw undue attention, and you are not going to get healed.  Long ago, I resigned myself to getting revived rather than protected, it’s just the way this game works.

Back to the subject of alts, I tried to play a Knight of the Blazing Sun.  The tanky types in my guild seem to love it.  I’m not a tanky type of person.  To be blunt, it’s not my favorite class, but it’s not as annoying as playing a dedicated healer.  I may get the knight of to rank 11 and park him in tier 1 with a two-hander, since tanking is not that much of an issue in tier 1.  I have two alts that I enjoy.  My Warrior Priest is fun, in PvE.  Not so much in RvR.  I can handle that.  My White Lion, though, is just plain fun in both PvE and RvR.  If I were to make a dedicated melee class, the White Lion would probably be it — though a fully wrath-specced Warrior Priest might be fun, too.  It’s just that the warrior priest is expected to hang back and heal, which they do poorly.  If you want to play a back-line healer, play a Rune Priest or an Archmage.  However, people have their expectations, and I don’t care to argue with them about a video game.

Finally, a little bit about other players.  Order on Ostermark is starting to generate too much drama for my tastes.  Some people want to take credit for things, others want to place the blame for other things, and frankly, I don’t give a damn about it all.  It’s good to see that some people are passionate about this game.  It’s not so good that some people are obsessive about it.  Always remember that this is “just a game.” That means, keep everything in perspective.  That pixelated dwarf, elf, or human represents an actual player on the other end of an Internet conenction.  Instead of ranting at them, speak with them and communicate.  They might even listen.


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