Extra Crispy

Last night started out slowly.  Most people were still scrambling to level their Knights of the Blazing Sun.  I just hope they are enjoying themselves – the early levels are extremely fun, and it’s a shame to grind through them without stopping.  Clemens – My Knight of the Blazing Sun – has yet to see action.  I reserved his name, and went back to other business.

Speaking of other business, Koljarn is spending far more time in scenarios that I normally like.  I’m assuming that this has something to do with a large number of Blackguard alts on the Destruction side of the fence.  It was laste in the night by the time that some tier 4 RvR actually started.  To make a long story short – splitting your forces is bad, but being unable to take down boiling oil is worse.

OK, I’ll elaborate a little.  When I arrived in Praag, Order had just take the Garrison of Skulls.  There were several slightly understrength Order warbands in Praag, and we all began to take Battlefield Objectives on our way down to the Southern Garrison.  Shortly afterwards, reports came in from our scouts that a large number of Destruction troops were marching northwards, towards the Garrison of Skulls.  Unfortunately, it was decided that one warband should continue to attack BOs, and the rest should find their way through the zone to attack the Southern Garrison, ignoring the attack on the Garrison of Skulls.  In short order, the Garrison of Skulls was taken, and the attacking force at the Southern Garrison was caught between defending forces and the returning warband from the Garrison of Skuls, and wiped out.

About half of the Order troops left the zone at that point, but the remaining ones marched from the warcamp back to the Garrison of Skulls, and retook the keep.  Then, ignoring BOs, we sent out a few scouts, and the rest of us hunkered down in the keep.  There was less complaining than normal about us “hiding in the keep” instead of running around in the open, looking to attack the Destruction forces.  Maybe people are starting to understand the value of information – we had no concrete information on the location, composition, or numbers of Destruction still in Praag.  I prefer to pick my fights, rather than let my fights pick me (low cunning FTW).

The Destro forces moved in one group, making it easy for our scouts to avoid detection by small roving groups.  They tracked the opposing army’s location and strength, which I would have put at25-40% more people than we had, from objective to objective, and we were quite ready for our guests by the time they came calling at the Garrison of Skulls again.

The defense went well.  Very well, in fact.  The boiling oil cauldron is now VERY resilient, if it gets repaired.  Maybe too resilient, I don’t know yet.  To be blunt, the Destruction forces simply could not take down the oil.  Because of this, they were unable to set up a ram, so they had to attack the door from range.   Which meant that their ranged classes were not trying to sweep us off of the battlements.  Which meant that our ranged classes had mostly free license to drop attacks on anyone foolish enough to get in range of the walls.  It was pretty brutal for the attackers, but it got worse.

When the door eventually got blasted off of its hinges, we set our forces up in the gateway.  Thus, when Destruction charged at us, they got stopped by a thin front line, and promptly got doused with yet more boiling oil.  It got to the point where Destruction was refusing to get near the gateway, so a few of us ranged classes went back up on the battlements and dropped AoE attacks in their midst.  As the ranged attacks began to cull the weak and recently revived, our ground forces surged out and finally routed the attackers completely.  I stayed around until the doors finalyl closed, then I slunk off to bed for the night.

So, what can be learned from seeing a siege defense from the inside, post 1.06?  Well, you cannot execute a siege without cannons, now.  Ranged classes can still take out an unmanned cauldron of oil, but  one that’s being actively repaired needs the attention of ranged classes plus artillery.  Cannons – don’t leave the warcamp without them!

Oh, and Koljarn reached renown rank 40, and attained the RvR title of Forge Guard.  Now, if I could only grind my way to battle rank 40…


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