Priorities and Conflict

MMOs are interesting, but you are bound to run into conflicting priorities.  Each player will have their own vision of what they want to eventually do, how to go about getting there, and what is most important to a group.  When these ideas do not mesh perfectly with other players, conflicts arise.  How these conflicts are resolved – if they are resolved – determines whether a group of players will be successful in reaching their goals.

That’s all pretty abstract.  Hopefully, you get my meaning.

To put it more plainly: sometimes you help others, sometimes others help you, and sometimes you have to help yourself.  Last night, I chose to help myself and work on Koljarn’s rank and renown.  It seemed to cause a fair amount of complaints in the guild, but the circumstances irritated me a bit.  The people complaining already have rank 40 and renown rank 40 characters, and I don’t.  furthermore, they wanted me to play a role that I don’t enjoy – that of a dedicated healer.  Frankly, my Archmage could drop into a bottomless pit and I wouldn’t miss him all that much.  It’s just not my class.

Anyway, I logged in as Koljarn, and finally got around to retraining him as a grenadier again.  Open RvR was nonexistent, so I settled for scenarios.  Serpent’s Passage is popular, so I flew to Dragonwake, took the scenario-related quests, and did that one most of the night.  I’m only 25% of the way away from renown rank 40, and I picked up a nice chunk of experience as well.  I do foresee some major PvE grinding in my future, though – the experience bar crawls in comparison to the renown bar.  Fortunately, I can still grab a plethora of quests in most of the tier 4 zones.

Here’s the thought that you should take away from today’s blather: this is a game, and its function is to give the player a fun and enjoyable experience.  If you’re not having fun, do something else.  If you are, then keep on doing whatever it is that tickles your fancy (so long as it’s legal and not against the TOS, of course).


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