Knightly Combat

Last night, most of the guild created Knights of the Blazing Sun, and much tier 1 mayhem ensued.  I created an Archmage to try to keep those nutjobs alive.  Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t.  In any case, it was a subtle reminder to me that I am not fond of tanking or healing in any MMORPG.

“Little things hitting each other. That’s what I like!” – Emperor Napoleon, from Time Bandits

Yes, I enjoy doing damage more than tanking or healing.  I can tolerate playing an Iron Breaker simply because of the knockback and knockdown fun, but other than that, please give me explosives or a nasty weapon to swing.  So, now that most of the guild Knights are at least halfway through tier 1, I can return to blowing things up with Koljarn tonight.

In any case, I have one thing to address here: the comparison of the Blackguard to the Knight class.  I noticed that Blackguards had a great deal of trouble dealing with the Knights.  Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me.  Most of the Knights were sword-and-board, very defensive.  Most of the Blackguards were using halberds.  Using a physical damage weapon, even a two-hander, against someone who is specifically kitted out to resist physical damage won’t get you anywhere.  That’s what happened to the Blackguards time and again – the Knights would simply outlast them.  It certainly wasnt my half-arsed  healing that swung the battles in our favor.

So, if you’re playing a Blackguard, please try to remember that while you are a “DPS tank,” it’s still not a good idea to try to go head-to-head with a defensive tank.  Granted, right now you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Knight of the Blazing Sun (One scenario last night featured ten Knights, one Bright Wizard, and one Archmage).  However, attacking a Knight instead of a softer target doesn’t play to your strength, it favors the defender.


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