Naming Your Knight

I know that quite a few people will be generating a Knight of the Blazing Sun after the class makes their debut today.  Making a new character means coming up with a new name, though.  We denizens of RP servers need to be extra-cautious, lest the dreaded Name Police show up and check us for missing mattress tags.  Thus, let me suggest a few proper Reikspiel names for you.

Affenjunge – “Monkey Boy”  This is a discerning name for a discerning knight.  It will be sure to turn heads.  Furthermore, you have free license to fling poop at other characters.

Brei Gehirn – “Mush Brain”  Why bother thinking, when you play a tank?  Just start swinging at stuff.  Maybe even hostile stuff.  Be sure to click your Flee ability and run around in the enemy ranks doing nothing.  Your Order allies will surely applaud the cunning tactic.

Vorbereitung Haa– “Preparation H”  Because the enemy is a pain in the arse.  Truly, a classy name for a classy character.

On a more serious note (before the hardcore RP types from Ostermark string me up by my beard) go ahead a do a web search for “Teutonic Knights.”  You’ll find a wealth of information that can be useful to you.  Here are some Germanic names which might be interesting to use:

Burchard, Clemens, Conrad/Konrad, Dietrich, Gerhard, Gottfried, Günther, Hartmann, Heinrich, Hermann, Johann, Leopold, Ludolf, Ludwig, Luther, Martin, Otto, Siegfried, Ulrich, Viktor, Werner, Wilhelm, Wolfgang


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