Frothing Berserkers

It’s been a while since I made a post related to low cunning. It seems that there is a vocal minority on Ostermark that is opposed to low cunning, and subscribes to the frothing berserker school of combat. The two are truly incompatible.As previously stated, low cunning involves striking at the enemy where they are weak, or attacking them while they are unprepared at the very least. You use the entire environment to your advantage in order to crush your opponent. If you opponent is too strong, then you attack them from another direction, or attack them in another place. Simple, isn’t it?

A frothing berserker doesn’t believe in that stuff. If they see an opponent, they scream and charge. If they see multiple opponents, they scream and charge, probably die, and scream at everyone in the zone for not charging with them. These are the people who are trying to use melee to knock down a keep gate while boiling oil is repeatedly poured on their heads.

So, who would you rather follow into combat? Someone who subscribes to low cunning, or a frothing berserker? The upside of following a frothing berserker is that you’ll almost definitely see some sort of combat. The downside is that unless you’re in a big ol’ zerg, you’re probably going to get wiped out at least once, probably repeatedly. On the other hand, a warband using low cunning will see combat when they have the upper hand, probably wipe the enemy, will be more fun (it’s always more fun to outsmart your opponents), and will reap far greater rewards in-game.


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