Boom, Baby, Boom!

“Surf’s up, space ponies!  I’m making gravy without the lumps!  Haah!  Hahahaha!” – quoted from yet another Grenadier (he only bombs at midnight, though)


Koljarn has been specced into grenadier since rank 11.  However, I have noticed that I have yet to post a single word on how to play a grenadier.  It is time to take care of that oversight and throw a little intoductory guide together.

Let’s start with the basics.  Grenadiers are based on DOTs.  That means that they have poor burst damage, and frankly, you’ll be hard pressed to take down another player one-on-one (unless they don’t know what they’re doing).  DOTs are very action-point efficient, though, and grenadiers get several area-effect (AoE) and ground-targeted-area-effect (GTAoE) attacks.  These AoE and GTAoE attacks are what make grenadiers absolutely brutal in siege defenses, or in open RvR in a restricted area.  You see, it’s easy for a healer to shrug off a few DOT effects on a single character.  When you have DOTs on 15 characters, things start to become a bit more interesting for the healer.

Second, let’s talk about tactics.  There is one tactic that you simply must have: Throwing Arm.  Use whatever else you want, as per your personal tastes, but having a 98 foot range on grenades is incredibly important.  In addition, you won’t be able to reach the ground from some of the tier 3 gate towers unless you have this tactic.  It’s that important.  Bandolier will also come in handy during hectic skirmishes, but that’s just a personal favorite.

Okay, now that the setup is complete, let’s begin with the first scenario.  You are at a keep that is being attacked.  The first thing you will need to do is acquire your ground target location.  I prefer to use the Land Mine ability for this.  I usually climb to the top of one of the gatehouse towers, carefully step near the edge, and use the Land Mine ability to spot for GTAoE somewhere on or near the ram pad.  At this range the targeting cursor will only appear as a glowing blip, because you will be out of Land Mine deployment range.  That’s OK, it still sets the location for your ground target when you left click.

At this point, you may leave the tower if you wish.  All you need to do in order to drop a Napalm Grenade, Land Mine, or Artillery Barrage on your ground target location is to click on the desired ability twice (so long as you are in range, of course).  That defaults the target location to the last targeted spot.  With this in mind, you can now feel free to roam the ramparts near the gate, deploying turrets, throwing acid and frag grenades at clusters of players, and tagging targets of opportunity with sticky bombs.  If you see a target that is low on health, throw a flashbang and/or a concussion grenade their way.  They are mediocre burst damage, but it’s something.  Keep throwing landmines, napalm, and artillery strikes at the area by the gate, though.  Between boiling oil, Bright Wizards, and your mischief, you’ll greatly slow down any organized attack on the gates, possibly even wipe out a good portion of their warband.  I’ve seen entire sieges fall apart because we gave such a spirited defense at the gates.

If you get pushed back to the inner keep, re-acquire your ground target at the inner ram pad.  Make your enemy pay for every second that they beat on the door.  If the inner door falls, then you have two options for a last stand.  If you have at least a handful of tanks, acquire your ground target at the top of the stairs.  When Destruction rushes the second floor, unleash hell.  With your tanks stalling the front line of the assault, you can give the invaders a very bad day.  If you don’t have enough tanks to stop the onrushing horde, then you might still be able to swing the outcome in your favor.  If you have enough other players with AoE attacks, focus your attention on the healers.  You’ll need to use your GTAoE attacks on the fly, so this is a bit more hectic.

Enough about keeps.  Let’s talk open field tactics.  Playing a Grenadier in the open field is a bit like fencing – lots of feints, thrusts, and retreats.  As your attacks are mostly, DOTs, you only need to rush to the front to drop a few attacks, then retreat behind the screen of friendly players.   Then move to a different flank and repeat the process.  You always want to start off with an acid grenade – it debuffs corporeal resistance, which helps your grenade attacks significantly.  Try to pick out healers or DPS classes for your Sticky Bomb. Personally, I like to tag Marauders with Sticky Bombs – when they get low on health, they almost always run back to their healers.  Then, the bomb explodes, catching the back ranks as well.  Try to save your concussion grenade for onrushing melee,, when in the open.  You need all the knockback you can get.  But remember, the cardinal rule of playing a Grenadier is to get the damage rolling on as many enemies as possible via DOTs.  This will make it easier for our burst DPS classes to take individuals down.

I think that’s good enough for a primer (pun intended).  The rest is really up to the player to discover their own preferred play style.  Hopefully, it’s useful to someone.


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