Thanksgiving is a great holiday and all, but I swear that I can’t fit into my pants quite right any more.  The leftovers are mostly gone, and the house will soon return to normal.  So passes the 2008 Festival of Gluttony.

I finished my Annihilator set over the long weekend.  I can’t wear it, but I have it.  I also located a PQ (Empire chapter 22) that offers a fine spanner for end-game use.  Too many of the spanners and hammers have a large add to strength as their only or primary bonus.  Strength isn’t the most useful stat to me.  All right, let’s be brutally honest – it’s useless.  If a higher strength would let me chuck grenades further, I’d consider it.  However, the only thing it adds to is melee, which is not something I partake in.

Grinding out some influence in a PQ will also get me closer to rank 40 – I’m halfway through rank 37, and I’m already 25% through renown rank 39.  Part of the problem is that whenever I try to work on a little PvE, some RvR breaks out somewhere, and I feel guilty unless I’m there to support the realm.  Fortunately, it doesn’t feel like work.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be playing WAR much longer.

The Heavy Metal event closes out at the end of today.  It’s pretty easy to get all the rewards for an alt (I did it in less than an hour on Saturday), but that darn Reikland Factory scenario must pop in order to do it.  Honestly, it’s only of note if you want the trophy or the cloak, and the cloak is really only suited for a tank.  Which I find ironic – the Heavy Metal event was there to usher in new tanking classes.  These tanking classes are ineligible for one of the better tanking cloaks int he game, because they show up after the event is finished.  Who says developers don’t have a sense of humor?

Thunder Mountain is still locked on Ostermark.  This means that every night for the last week, the fight has been in Kadrin Valley.  I’ve heard rumors that there are other zones besides Kadrin Valley, but I think people are only hallucinating.  There is only Kadrin Valley.  Which some people pronounce “Cajun Valley” on ventrilo.  Hopefully, the server will be reset with the new patch, and I’ll be able to visit other tier 4 zones.  Better yet, hopefully people will be busy levelling up their new tanks, and I’ll be able to hit rank 40.

I can dream, can’t I?


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