Mid-Weekend Post!

I’m tearing myself away from the Thanksgiving leftovers in order to bring you this much needed update.  Okay, maybe not needed, or even wanted.  Here it is, anyway.

Ostermark isn’t dead.  The latest round of transfers did bring a few more Destruction guilds to the server, but it seems to have brought more Order guilds who are around during prime time.  They aren’t as disciplined as the guild which started here, yet, but I expect that to change.  People from different servers won’t be used to our chain of communication, and they may even have their own way of approaching different zones.  Everything will fall into place, given time.

We can’t seem to lock down Kadrin Valley.  In some ways, it’s a bad thing.  I’m rather tired of going to the same zone every night.  In some other ways, it’s a good thing.  I’m getting quite familiar with the shortcuts, hiding places, and other terrain features.  So, a mixed bag.

Koljarn clawed his way to rank 37 and is almost renown rank 38.  I didn’t know that your renown rank could exceed your battle rank, but apparently it can, once you get into your 30s.  Since I do so little PvE, I’ll most likely hit renown rank 40 before I get the experience to get battle rank 40.  That’s neither here nor there, though.

So, everyone enjoy the rest of their holiday weekend, eat too much, but don’t drink too much, and I’ll write again in December!


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