Hey, Look! It’s PvE Content!

Yes, PvE content… I’m talking about the Bastion Stairs.  I haven’t visited any of the PvE instances in the game prior to last night.  It’s not to bad – the usual agro control versus healing and DPS dance.  Like raiding in WoW, it seems like a lot of work, though.  On Sunday, a blue lvl 39 rifle dropped in RvR, though, so I’m not feeling an urge to farm the heck out of the Bastion Stairs.  I did a little raiding in World of Warcraft, and I’m definitely no ready to punch into that particular time clock again.

That’s my main complaint about PvE content – raiding for drops is an incredible grind that just flat out consumes you.  You can spend months raiding a particular instance looking for one particular item, and there’s no guarantee that it will drop.  Even if it does drop, you’ll have to gamble on the random roll needed to get the item, which others will also want.  It just doesn’t seem worth your time, unless there’s nothing else going on.

Oh, and I finished the Heavy Metal tasks.  I didn’t get any title that I could see, which is a shame – the items and the ability to make a tank did not thrill me.  The Reikland factory was fun enough, though – that scenario map has a lot that you can explore.

Finally, I visited Kadrin Valley, but it was pretty much deserted.  A few Destruction players kept trying to break out of their warcamp to attack objectives, but we kept them bottled up.  After 30 minutes of nail-biting excitement, I decided to log out for the night.  It’s the holiday season, so I expect more nights like this to come.  Maybe some PvE isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

Edit: Mythic has once again opened up transfers to Ostermark.  I doubt this will mean anything good.


One Response to “Hey, Look! It’s PvE Content!”

  1. Hello there. I have been in T4 for a few weeks now, and my guild has started to clear the Lost Vale, which is the final PvE dungeon. I haven’t been there yet, but I have cleared Warpblades. I am a fan of PvP too, but PvE in this game is a must!

    I wanted to let you know though that doing these dungeons isn’t so bad, as long as you do it with friends who have the same goal in mind. At level 40, you can go straight to the bosses in Bastion Stairs without aggroing any mobs. So, when you and your friends are 40, plan on spending one hour a night at most doing BS. You’ll have all of the loot from here (or enough to get by) in a couple of weeks.

    I am not sure if you know how the ward system works, but that is the reason you do BS and the other dungeons. You have to get the gear in BS to do Sigmar’s Crypts and Warpblade. You also need this gear to help you tank Keep lords. You need Sigmar’s/Warpblade gear to do Lost Vale, and to tank Fortress Lords. Finally, you need Lost Vale gear to kill the King in an enemy city, and to do the PQ’s in an enemy city.

    I believe Mythic’s Grab Bag #2 or #3 explains more about the loot system. While the bosses may be hard, the overall loot system in PvE is much easier than in WoW. getting all of your gear will go much faster, especially if you have a set group to go with.


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