Meet My New Friend, Arty

So, Koljarn attained battle and renown rank 36 as of last night.  This means that he’s got Cannon Smash (morale rank 3) and Artillery Barrage (morale rank 4).  The cannon smash is somewhat useful in the open field, but I’d rather use my good old Point Blank ability (rank 1 instant knockback) to keep melee types off of the healers and myself.  The Cannon Smash is probably useful in PvE.  Artillery Barrage is supposed to be ground-targeted, so it compliments the Napalm Grenade ability.

Speaking of napalm, I got to share a little bit of it with Destruction in Kadrin Valley at Kazad Dammaz. Unfortunately, the keep lord bugged, and appeared on the bottom and second flor at the same time, which meant that Destruction was able to take him down without really facing our defense at its strongest – it also meant that we had a hostile lord spawn in the middle of our defenses.  We did, however, lay down enough AoE to keep Destruction from getting any rewards – the chest had despawned by the time they got upstairs and taken down the defense with the help of the newly spawned lord.  That seems fair, to me – they certainly didn’t earn any loot, so I am pleased that they didn’t get any.

Some people starting harping on the whole realm transfer thing again.  Yes, Ostermark is no longer balanced between Order and Destruction.  Fine.  Deal with it.  Mythic is NOT going to implement limits on faction populations.  Now, get out there and kill some goblins!


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