Smelling the Roses

RvR has been rough on Ostermark, at least from the Order perspective.  We seem to regularly be outnumbered and outgunned.  Some people blame transfer from other servers, some people blame a lack of tanks on the Order side, and some people blame apathy.  Me?  I don’t know who’s “to blame,” but it pretty much doesn’t matter – it is what it is, and you can’t let it eat way at you.

Warhammer is a great game, but it is that – a game.  You have to keep your perspective, or else it will stop being a fun distraction from the crap-storm that is life, and it will become a job instead.  The second that it becomes a job, you need to quit, and get another hobby before it becomes unhealthy.  Otherwise, it will consume you.  Too much gloom and doom?  Perhaps, but thinking about it in such drastic terms helps to keep things in perspective.

Any way, Koljarn is about two-thirds of the way through battle and renown rank 35.  Rank 36 will allow him to snag the Artillery Strike morale ability, so I’m looking forward to it.  I cranked through a bunch of quests in the Isle of the Dead zone, which were interesting.  I was running around so much that I did not get to take care of the simple daily task for the Heavy Metal event – which is just to visit a capital city.  A trip to Altdorf?  I sense much lag in my future.


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