Working for the Weekend

It looks like a weekend for blogging, as I’m stuck in the office waiting on other people to finish their portion of a task, I will probably be here all day despite the fact that my own part only takes about an hour to do, and I am expecting more of the same tomorrow.  At least I’m getting paid for it.

I only got online briefly last night, but it was enough to grind Koljarn up to battle rank 35 and renown rank 35.  Missing a weekend of play is unfortunate at this point, because I was hoping to pound my way to 40 over Thanksgiving weekend.  Not a big deal – I’ll get there when I get there.  Just a little disappointed.

Speaking of disappointments, I’ve heard a rumor that a player from one side logged into a guild Ventrilo server to spy on the other side.  You know, that’s just sad.  I hope this person gets some help for their self-esteem issues, because being so afraid to play the game without cheating is pitiful.  Of course, it’s just a rumor, so it could be false.

It’d be nice to at least earn some renown tonight.  We’ll have to see how my schedule develops.

Edit: Oh, and I did something that I immediately regretted last night.  After keeling over four times in quick succession during a Serpent’s Passage scenario (the last time at the feet of an archmage), I made a sarcastic remark about the quality of healing in the scenario group.  I wasn’t being focus-fired down or anything, I was just getting slowly whittled down until I died, and wasn’t getting healed at all.  However, it’s none of my business why this was going on – if someone wanted to run their chracter in circles while chanting “Bob Dole is the messiah,” then they should be allowed to do so.  No one in the scenario took any overt offense to my remark, but I still I apologise to anyone who might have been there.

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