More of the Same

The Heavy Metal live event continues apace with new tasks every day.  So far, it’s all been straightforward and very solo-able.  Here’s to hoping that it stays that way until the end.  Not that I feel the urge to retire Koljarn in favor of a Knight of the Blazing Sun,  but I do know that many others are interested in the class, and I’d rather not have my routine sidetracked by people desperate for a group so they can farm influence for the event.

Speaking of my routine, it’s that time again.  Between a few scenarios, Thunder Mountain, and Dragonwake, I’ve just about maxxed out my renown for this level.  It’s time to find a PQ and hit it until I level up (and maybe get a nice influence reward in the bargain).

Speaking of RvR, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have begun targeting me.  Either they are starting to realize that having four DoTs stacked on them is dangerous, or they think I’m an easy kill.  Well, I am an easy kill – I never get healed during combat, only ressed in the aftermath (assuming that the healers survive).  Thus, I prefer to lurk in the back lines, strike, then return to the back lines to find another recipient for my DoTs.  Lately, though, I frequently find myself to be the only one defending an area or the only one at the front along with a thin line of bright wizards with maybe – maybeone healer behind us.  The average Destruction group seems to have two healers.  Something’s out of whack – why are Destruction healers so popular, whereas Order healers are so very unpopular?


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