Losing Ground

Warhammer seems to be losing ground amongst my circle of friends.  When WAR hit the shelves, 5 of my personal friends started playing with me.  Two stopped playing within a week.  Both were playing healers.  Both gave client performance and targeting issues as the reasons for leaving.  One left about four weeks ago.  His reason for leaving the game was client performance and lack of PvE content.  Last night, another of my friends announced that he had cancelled his subscription due to client performance problems, targeting issues, and lack of PvE content.  Notice a trend?

Personally, I’m not going to cancel my subscription, because the alternatives to WAR just don’t do it for me any more.  I’ve had it with WoW.  If people think that WAR is a gear grind at the end game, they’ve never raided in WoW.  Also, RvR is far more balanced in WAR than the PvP in WoW, and it has a feeling of purpose.  The only reason that I ever did any PvP in WoW was to get gear upgrades for more raiding in order to get more gear upgrades for PvP so that I could get more gear upgrades for raiding, etc.

There, rant over.


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