You’re on fire, today!

After almost a week of playing around with it, I have to say that I love using the napalm grenade ability.  It’s not that it does a whole lot of damage, it’s that it denies an area to the enemy (unless, of course, they have a plentiful amount of healing, but even then it deters non-tanks from lingering in the flames).

After tooling around on an alt with a close friend for a while last night, I woke Koljarn up and hustled him off to Serpent’s Passage.  Napalm is wonderful, here.  When  you drop a napalm grenade on the salvage pile, the Destruction team cannot pick it up, as they are taking damage when they stand in the fire.  If you manage to stay alive, you can keep the flames going indefinitely — 30 second duration and 30 second cooldown.  It’s not a game winner in of itself, but it allows you to delay Destruction when your team is slow getting to the middle of the field.

The evening was drawing on, when a guild group formed to counter a Destruction campaign at Thunder Mountain.  When I arrived, we were already attacking the Bloodfist Rock keep.  It was doomed to failure, due to the sheer number of defenders, but I did find out another unusual trait about napalm grenades: the ground targeting system that they use is kind of borked.

First, there is a problem with ground targeting in laggy situations.  Multiple times, I threw a napalm grenade at what I thought was a ground target in front of me, only to have it explode in mid-air behind me.  Which is pretty bizarre, but not as bizarre as the ability to throw the grenade through walls and floors.  At one point, I managed to target the ground at the top of the stairs on the second floor of the keep.  You can use a ground-targeted ability by clicking on the ability twice, and this will use the ability on your last succesfully targeted area.  Well, this meant that I was able to keep the fire burning on the second floor without being in line of sight.  I’m not sure that this was what the developers had in mind.  Ground-targeted abilities have always been a little buggy in all games that I’ve played.

Anyway, the battle at the keep looked like a lost cause, so we fell back in the name of low cunning, siezed battlefield objectives, and after further scouting we left Thunder Mountain and went to Dragonwake, which was also close to being lost.  I’m not sure why, but despite taking battlefield objectives before attacking the keeps in Dragonwake, no Destruction players came out to oppose us.  I had to log out and get some sleep before we had taken all the keeps and objectives in the zone, but I don’t think there was much more resistance than a single marauder, and I think he was just coming out to buy some new gear but found that the keep was under attack.

I’m not going to complain that we took the keeps in Dragonwake.  I made out like a bandit, getting TWO gold loot bags.  From these, I pulled out an Annihilator helm and shoulders.  On the other hand, Order on Ostermark is showing a lack of cooperation between guilds and alliances, when compared to Destruction.  If our alliances can’t start working together more effectively, this will cause problems in the future.


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