PvE in Pragg

After running around and getting done with my business yesterday, I logged in and started wandering around Pragg, looking for mobs to brutalize.  I had just begun wandering around the Empire chapter 18 camp, when Aravilar, a White Lion from my guild, asked if anyone wanted to attempt some chapter 17 Public Quests.  Since he was nearby, I joined him for the rest of the evening.

A White Lion and an Engineer really aren’t the optimal mix for attempting a PQ, but we did stage I of a few areas.  We also knocked out some quests – my best tip for the low to mid 30’s is to hit the skaven quests hard, as the kill collector in the chapter 18 camp seems to accept any skaven in the zone as a viable kill.  Easy way to rack up some good experience – and since skaven are a PvE-only mob, it’s probably a good idea to grind out the tome unlocks so you can grab a tome tactic against them.

While we were in West Pragg, another White Lion, an Engineer, and a Rune Priest joined us.  We could then handle stages I and II of PQs, but stage III was still beyond us, unfortunately.  Still, I achieved my goal – made it to battle rank 34.

After that, I headed to the new Reikland Factory scenario, which is part of the Heavy Metal event.  It’s not bad, but I don’t score as well there as I do in Serpent’s Passage – people tend to be spread out further in the Factory, and that means that my AoE attacks (which are my bread and butter) are not as effective.  We won a tough fight, and I got to renown rank 34 as well.

So, a relatively productive night, and one where I got to hit some content that I had not explored before.  Let’s see how the Heavy Metal event compliments or interferes with organized RvR – the Factory being a scenario means that there’s no single lag-heavy zergfest at the center of the event, but it also means that it takes people out of open RvR.


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