Playing Hooky

I have an appointment today, so I get the day off.  Just as well, since the office called my cell phone at 0200 to come in to the office, then called at 0230 to tell me “never mind.”  It would have made Emily Litella proud.

Speaking of playing hooky, although I should have been grinding out some PvE on Koljarn last night, I played a tier 1 White Lion.  It’s a fun class, but it’s destined to forever be an alt, I think.  Still, it’s nice to revisit tier 1 some times – the game is simpler and quick at those levels, and the fun moments come fast and furious.

On the subject of alts, I have too many.  In a way, it’s a shame that so many of the classes in this game are fun to play, because it does distract me (as noted above).  Spoiled for choice.


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