I Love the Smell of Tier 4 in the Morning

It may not smell like victory, but it sure smells like napalm!

Yes, I’ve broken through to tier 4.  I’ve even picked up the napalm grenade ability.  It’s fun, but I haven’t really had a chance to use it in a proper defense, yet.  The only “defense” that I’ve been involved in was where I was the only one in the keep after a warband broke in.  I can tip the balance in a tight fight, but this wasn’t close – they manhandled the keep lord and took me down in very short order.

As a matter of fact, that’s been a theme in tier 4 so far.  Order is forever counterattacking, trying to take back lost ground.  We’re not making headway on Ostermark, but at least we’re making the Destruction advance painful and costly.  So, what’s going on that we’re always retaking keeps? I’ve heard three plausible theories. 

The first theory is that the transfers have completely imbalanced the population on Ostermark.  This is the theory that I find most unlikely, but people drag it out time and again.  I think that Destruction has a slight edge on Order in population, but it’s certainly not insurmountable.

The second theory is that the large number of tanks on the Destruction side makes them unstoppable, and this will only even out with the introduction of the Knight of the Blazing Sun.  I do think that the Knight will help Order on the battlefield, but it’s certainly not the panacea that will cure all of our ills.  Yes, some melee DPS and ranged DPS will reroll as Knights.  Unfortunately, so will healers and existing tanks.

The final theory is that some people just aren’t playing in tier 4, and hang around in tier 2 and 3.  I’ll admit that I enjoyed tiers 2 and 3, but since you get experience for all RvR activities now, you can’t just hang out in a given tier forever.  You’re going to level up.   Unless someone out there has an entire account full of level 21 and 31 alts, this is pretty unlikely.

On a more optimistic track, I can almost tolerate tier 4 scenarios.  The reward for time spent is actually worthwhile.  I’m already getting close to renown rank 34, though – time to (sigh) PvE.


One Response to “I Love the Smell of Tier 4 in the Morning”

  1. You were not in Tier 4 at the time, but we managed to Lock Thunder Mountain under the leadership of Paulus and the other on November 10th, however, patch 1.0.4b came out the very next day and each zones control reset. This was a very demoralizing turn of events. Because of this, you may find that many of our leadership now have an apathetic attitude towards RvR combat.


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