The Lich King Unleashes His Wrath on Ostermark

Frankly, it appears that Lich King has had little effect on Ostermark, at least on its opening day.  How it impacts the weekend remains to be seen.

Fun night in RvR.  Aside from some scenarios at the beginning of the evening (blech), I spent the entire night in the High Pass and Talabecland RvR lake.  What started out as taking a few objectives and a keep turned into a pitched fight when we ran headlong into a Destruction warband that had a numerical advantage on us.  At least they did in the beginning.

As we gave a spirited defense at Passwatch Keep and denied them their prize at the second floor, more and more defenders trickled in until we finally crushed the initial assault.  Yes, I said initial assault.  the Destruction side came back.  And they tried to use low cunning

Several times Destruction left a skeleton crew at the keep to harass us and draw us out, and they tried to hide a larger force further back at Verentane’s Tower.  It was a good ruse, and got a few of the less wary players.  Fortunately, a good number of us were on ventrilo, and we were looking for a trap.  We were able to fall back to Passwatch when things got too rough, and press the attack when we saw an opportunity.

Finally, in a rare example of coordination, we took our two slightly understrength warbands, assigned one to pin the Destruction forces in place at the tower, and used the other one to grab the remaining objectives in the zone.   By the time I crawled off to bed, we held everything in the RvR lake except Stonetroll Keep.

Sadly, this was probably my tier 3 swansong.  My renown is again pinned until I level up.  Which is probably a good thing – it’s time for a change of scenery.


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