What Time Does RvR Start?

So, with half a day off from work yesterday (technically a full day off, but half the day was spent driving around between medical offices), I noticed something about Ostermark.  There are definite times when an Order player wants to hit RvR, and times when they do not.

It appears that in the early afternoon, around 1300 (EST), to the late afternoon, around 1700, there are a fair number of Order players out there in open RvR.  We frequently outnumbered Destruction during these hours, and putting a warband together was simple.

From about 1700 to 2100, the number of Order players plummeted.  On the other hand, the number of Destruction players grew significantly, to the point where it served no purpose to step out of the warcamp.  The number of Order players online seems very ow during this time of day.

Around 2100, the population of Order picks up.  I log out at midnight on a weeknight, so I’m not sure how long this lasts.  It certainly has the earmarks of a surge of west coast players.  I don’t usually play in the afternoon, but I have noticed the 2100 resurgence of Order in the past.

 So, if you can tolerate scenarios, I would do them until 2100, then switch to open RvR.


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