Brings a Tier to my Eye

Well, all night hammering out old quests, and finally grinding out chapter 15 influence, and I got to battle rank 31.  One win in Doomfist Crater later, and I’m renown rank 31 as well.  This means that the end is nigh for tier 3.  This makes me a little sad, actually.  People play tier 4 “for keeps,” and there’s a lot of good in that.  People will try harder, but egos will get in the way, and people will get nasty when they are frustrated.  It’s just the way things are.  Up through tier 3, it’s been fun because everyone still treats it as a game, not a job.  Let’s hope it doesn’t lose too much luster in tier 4.

Doomfist Crater is a scenario which I probably should have played more often, with the platforms being wonderful for sniping.  However, I still prefer the High Pass Cemetary, because a knockback won’t put you out of the game for three minutes while you scramble back onto the platforms and catwalks.  Less downtime means more throwing explosives, which means more fun.


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