Can Someone Give Me a Boost?

On Friday, I logged in, did just enough PvE to get near battle rank 30, then finished both the battle rank and the renown rank off in the High Pass Cemetery.  I dislike scenarios in general, but simple ones like the High Pass Cometary don’t make me as violently ill as others.  All the while I was grinding out this rank, people were hooting and hollering in the orderrvr channel (if you play on Ostermark on the Order side, /channeljoin orderrvr every time you log in – it’s your communications lifeline).  So, clad in my shiny new “Stone Guard” title, I headed out to open RvR to see what the fuss was all about.

There was a fairly successful warband going when I arrived, but apparently the leader was using low cunning and this was upsetting a vocal minority in the warband.  The people complaining wanted a stand-up fight.    We would take objectives in one zone, hop to another and take a keep, then hop back to the first zone and take a keep there.  All in all, the warband took five keeps (well, four, we had to double back and take the same one twice) and was succesful by that measure.

Population continues to be an issue, but the weekend showed me that it seems to work both ways.  There were times of the day when Destruction had vastly more people around, and other times when Order grossly outnumbered our opposition.  I’m not sure what the hard numbers are, but I do believe that the introduction of the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the probable entry of the Slayer class (still only a rumor) will change the face of the game for Order.  I know a number of Witch Hunters who will be rerolling as a Knight, and more tanks are welcome.  The Slayer may be more of a novelty, but it will bring some people over to play order, especially if the have read any of the Gotrek and Felix books.

Which brings me to the incident whichgave rise to today’s title.  After Sunday’s guild meeting, I headed off to take part in some open RvR, as I am wont to do.  I joined the main body of the Order force as they were leaving Stoneclaw Keep.  Apparently, there was a fugitive Destruction warband lurking somewhere,  playing hide-and-seek (low cunning!).  The Order warband would flood a zone, and the Destruction warband would fade away and strike somewhere else.  We caught them taking the tower objective, and had a few skirmishes.  We definitely had them outnumbered, and after they retreated we were able to lock down the zone.  We chased them around for the rest of the night, ultimately clashing again in Avelorn.  At that point, the numbers had swung heavily in their favor.  We retreated to Ghrond’s Sacristy and made a few sorties, but we had little impact in the open field.  I guess that we badgered them sufficiently to anger them, however, because they laid siege to Ghrond’s despite the cannon batteries obviously assembled on the turrets.  It tooke them quite some time to take the front gate down, at which point I jumped off the wall and promptly got stuck behind a tent.  I’m not kidding, I spent several minutes jumping and twisting around behind a damn tent while oblivious Destruction players milled around in the courtyard.  Despite the irritating situation (I finally did jump through a tent stake somehow), this was one of the more enjoyable defenses I have experienced.  And we turned them back at the second door, too.  So it was not only enjoyable, it was successful.

Oh, and I’m pinned at 99% renown again.  PvE time, I suppose…


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