Avelorn is Very Green

Far too green for my tastes.  We need either a good forest fire, or a few hundred lumberjacks to rampage through that zone – and they can take Sapphery out, also.

Logged in last night, did a little exploring, and got battle rank 29 rather quickly.  So, off to the High Elven lands, where a small warband was forming.  Unfortunately, the warband never got more than halfway full – and even then, we had only one overworked healer.  We got to defend a keep for a while, until people began to leave, and at least a full warband of Destruction came to take the keep.  Grossly outnumbered, the remaining single group decided to run PQs for the rest of the evening.  I tagged along just to help contribute to zone victory points – Destruction had all of the keeps and objectives in the zone, but they never got control.  Still, I was hoping to get a little more renown before the weekend.

The disturbing trend from the character transfers to Ostermark continues.  Not only was tier 3 horribly outnumbered, I was receiving calls from help from tier 4 that said the same thing.  Prior to transfers, the population on this server was fairly well balanced.  Now, it seems to be degenerating into a Destruction zergfest.  Which I can deal with in the short term – but what will the game look like in a couple of years?


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