Zone Hopping

So, last night I spent most of my RvR playtime hopping form zone to zone.  Except in one instance, I really can’t complain about it, because we were using low cunning.  That’s right, we actually avoided superior forces when they showed up, and hit Destruction where they were vulnerable instead of running headlong into their main force just to get annihilated time and again.  I could get used to this sort of thing.

Unfortunately, Koljarn is pinned at 99% renown, and he’s going to have to do a little PvE to get over the XP hump and level up.  Shouldn’t take me too long, but it does break my usual playstyle – which could be a good thing.  Mixing things up keeps them fresh.

Tier 4 is waving to me in a seductive fashion, but I refuse to move on from Tier 3 until I am Renown Rank 31.  I’m stubborn that way.


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