Beating Your Head Against the Wall

So, I came upon this Witch Hunter in Altdorf who war repeatedly ramming his head into the stone wall of the palace.  I jogged on over to him and asked “Lad, you all right?  Why in the world are you doing this to yourself?”

To which the Witch Hunter replied: “Because it feels so good when I stop!”

That about sums up last night.  People have been playing WAR for some time, now.  Everyone should know that a defended keep takes a significant number of people to tackle.  However, people still insist on repeatedly attacking defended keeps with half a warband.  As someone who is pretty much choosing a career around keep defense, allow me to point out that even one or two defenders will shatter half a warband with the assistance of the keep Lord.  Half a warband can barely take an undefended keep.

For the love of Grungni, use low cunning! When a keep is defended, and you don’t have the numbers to take it yet you have enough to take the enemy out in the open field, go take objectives!  If there are no objectives free for the taking, go to another zone!

Well, win some and lose some… it’d just be nice if we would learn from our mistakes, some time.


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