Field trip

So, I schlepped myself home last night, logged into Ostermark, and immediately got an earful that Destruction, which seems to have gotten an infusion of level 40s from server transfers, was trying to lock down Praag.  Normally, I wouldn’t get involved in that sort of brawl – Praag is in tier 4, and Koljarn is still level 28.  However, no one seemed to be showing up to reinforce Order, so… off to Praag to join the warband.

Praag is a congested zone which favors melee, but ranged DPS can still make a difference.  It actually works well for a grenadier, since most of their attacks are DoTs, and there’s lots of cover.  That means that you can chuck a grenade or three, then dive behind cover before any real retribution comes your way.

The Destruction forces outnumbered and outclassed the Order forces present, so the warband leader used low cunning!  We attacked the PQs for victory points, ensuring that the zone would not get locked down, some people took the scenario route, and reinforcements began to trickle in.  At that point, we took battlefield objectives and keeps, and Order managed to wrest the zone away from Destruction.  As a matter of fact, Order was close to locking down the zone on their own by the time I had to log out.

I was impressed enough with the warband which I joined that I have joined their guild (Templars), at least on a trial basis.  I’m not sure I’m a good fit, yet – I need to hang out with them some more to be sure.  On the positive side, though, there are always a few Templars in the tier 3 warbands I’ve joined, so they seem to have a good presence.

The tier 4 scenery was a nice change, but I hope I can go back to tier 3 tonight.  I feel out of place in tier 4, even though I did receive the bolster buff when I went into the RvR area.


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