Back to Business as Usual

Witching Night is finally behind us, at least for a year.  These things do have a way of coming back to haunt us.  Ba-dum-bum.

I lost interest in the event after the first day, really – though I did farm enough crones and cauldrons to get my cloak.  I didn’t bother with the mask (though I got a ton of leather gobbo masks and the skull mask drop from RvR).  If Mythic’s goal was to get people to venture into the RvR lakes, then they sort of succeeded.  People would go and fight, but only when the Public Quest was active, and if they were losing badly they would just leave.  There was, after all, no motivation for anyone to hang around if their side was getting crushed.  Since the event was still a mixed success, I have to admit that with some tailoring of the objective (perhaps more of a hold-this-location sort of objective), this could get people to pile into the RvR lake even if they are losing.  There’s nothing you can do about people leaving when the PQ isn’t up, though.  Not unless you make it cycle on continuously, and that makes it much more of a grind than an event.  Grind bad.

On Sunday, a bunch of players (including yours truly) on the Order side just got sick of the event and went on an old-fashioned keep taking rampage, culminating in a protracted and successfully defense of Thickmuck Pit.  After so many days of continuous brawling in Black Fire Pass, this was a welcome change.  Hopefully, more of this will follow.

The cinematic event of the week turned out to be “Horror Express: the Enigma.”  Hey, you can’t beat Kojak as a Cossack, baby.  Well, maybe you can… if you throw Sauruman and Governor Tarkin into the movie as well.  For a movie made so cheaply, the cast was actually pretty impressive.  Let me amend that: for a movie with such a relatively low budget, the whole thing is pretty good.  Yeah, the special effects weren’t so special, but that’s what they had to work with in the early 1970s.  The script wasn’t bad (please excuse the Hammer-esque science and just go with the flow).  The acting was a little hammy at times, but you expect it in a low-budget horror film.  All in all, an entertaining movie.


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