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Mid-Weekend Post!

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I’m tearing myself away from the Thanksgiving leftovers in order to bring you this much needed update.  Okay, maybe not needed, or even wanted.  Here it is, anyway.

Ostermark isn’t dead.  The latest round of transfers did bring a few more Destruction guilds to the server, but it seems to have brought more Order guilds who are around during prime time.  They aren’t as disciplined as the guild which started here, yet, but I expect that to change.  People from different servers won’t be used to our chain of communication, and they may even have their own way of approaching different zones.  Everything will fall into place, given time.

We can’t seem to lock down Kadrin Valley.  In some ways, it’s a bad thing.  I’m rather tired of going to the same zone every night.  In some other ways, it’s a good thing.  I’m getting quite familiar with the shortcuts, hiding places, and other terrain features.  So, a mixed bag.

Koljarn clawed his way to rank 37 and is almost renown rank 38.  I didn’t know that your renown rank could exceed your battle rank, but apparently it can, once you get into your 30s.  Since I do so little PvE, I’ll most likely hit renown rank 40 before I get the experience to get battle rank 40.  That’s neither here nor there, though.

So, everyone enjoy the rest of their holiday weekend, eat too much, but don’t drink too much, and I’ll write again in December!


Hey, Look! It’s PvE Content!

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Yes, PvE content… I’m talking about the Bastion Stairs.  I haven’t visited any of the PvE instances in the game prior to last night.  It’s not to bad – the usual agro control versus healing and DPS dance.  Like raiding in WoW, it seems like a lot of work, though.  On Sunday, a blue lvl 39 rifle dropped in RvR, though, so I’m not feeling an urge to farm the heck out of the Bastion Stairs.  I did a little raiding in World of Warcraft, and I’m definitely no ready to punch into that particular time clock again.

That’s my main complaint about PvE content – raiding for drops is an incredible grind that just flat out consumes you.  You can spend months raiding a particular instance looking for one particular item, and there’s no guarantee that it will drop.  Even if it does drop, you’ll have to gamble on the random roll needed to get the item, which others will also want.  It just doesn’t seem worth your time, unless there’s nothing else going on.

Oh, and I finished the Heavy Metal tasks.  I didn’t get any title that I could see, which is a shame – the items and the ability to make a tank did not thrill me.  The Reikland factory was fun enough, though – that scenario map has a lot that you can explore.

Finally, I visited Kadrin Valley, but it was pretty much deserted.  A few Destruction players kept trying to break out of their warcamp to attack objectives, but we kept them bottled up.  After 30 minutes of nail-biting excitement, I decided to log out for the night.  It’s the holiday season, so I expect more nights like this to come.  Maybe some PvE isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

Edit: Mythic has once again opened up transfers to Ostermark.  I doubt this will mean anything good.

Meet My New Friend, Arty

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So, Koljarn attained battle and renown rank 36 as of last night.  This means that he’s got Cannon Smash (morale rank 3) and Artillery Barrage (morale rank 4).  The cannon smash is somewhat useful in the open field, but I’d rather use my good old Point Blank ability (rank 1 instant knockback) to keep melee types off of the healers and myself.  The Cannon Smash is probably useful in PvE.  Artillery Barrage is supposed to be ground-targeted, so it compliments the Napalm Grenade ability.

Speaking of napalm, I got to share a little bit of it with Destruction in Kadrin Valley at Kazad Dammaz. Unfortunately, the keep lord bugged, and appeared on the bottom and second flor at the same time, which meant that Destruction was able to take him down without really facing our defense at its strongest – it also meant that we had a hostile lord spawn in the middle of our defenses.  We did, however, lay down enough AoE to keep Destruction from getting any rewards – the chest had despawned by the time they got upstairs and taken down the defense with the help of the newly spawned lord.  That seems fair, to me – they certainly didn’t earn any loot, so I am pleased that they didn’t get any.

Some people starting harping on the whole realm transfer thing again.  Yes, Ostermark is no longer balanced between Order and Destruction.  Fine.  Deal with it.  Mythic is NOT going to implement limits on faction populations.  Now, get out there and kill some goblins!

Smelling the Roses

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RvR has been rough on Ostermark, at least from the Order perspective.  We seem to regularly be outnumbered and outgunned.  Some people blame transfer from other servers, some people blame a lack of tanks on the Order side, and some people blame apathy.  Me?  I don’t know who’s “to blame,” but it pretty much doesn’t matter – it is what it is, and you can’t let it eat way at you.

Warhammer is a great game, but it is that – a game.  You have to keep your perspective, or else it will stop being a fun distraction from the crap-storm that is life, and it will become a job instead.  The second that it becomes a job, you need to quit, and get another hobby before it becomes unhealthy.  Otherwise, it will consume you.  Too much gloom and doom?  Perhaps, but thinking about it in such drastic terms helps to keep things in perspective.

Any way, Koljarn is about two-thirds of the way through battle and renown rank 35.  Rank 36 will allow him to snag the Artillery Strike morale ability, so I’m looking forward to it.  I cranked through a bunch of quests in the Isle of the Dead zone, which were interesting.  I was running around so much that I did not get to take care of the simple daily task for the Heavy Metal event – which is just to visit a capital city.  A trip to Altdorf?  I sense much lag in my future.

They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To

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And sometimes that can be a good thing.  The latch to the front door fell completely apart in my hand this morning, when trying to leave the house and head to work.  It’s been giving us trouble for some time, now, but we’ve been repairing it every time it get cantankerous.  It can’t be easily replaced, due to the fact that it’s quite old – circa 1975 – and the door itself is just not cut so that modern latches and deadbolts will fit it.  I’ll have to see what can be adapted to the task at hand.

Ostermark Blogs

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If, dear reader, you play on Ostermark, and would like a link to an Ostermark-related site placed in this blog, feel free to leave a comment.  I like to read other people’s perspectives on the game and in-game events.  Yes, even people on the Destruction side of the fence.  I may want to bathe you in acid, set you on fire, and blow you up while in-game, but out of the game I’m usually pretty civil.

Sunday Ramble

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Yes, I found the sandcastle in the Reikland Factory.  No, I don’t know why I bothered – I’m not going to make a Knight of the Blazing Sun until I’ve made it to battle and renown rank 40 on  Koljarn, and even then I won’t play my alts much.

Some MMOs are very forgiving when it comes to alts.  In some games, it’s relatively easy to level up, get decent gear, and be viable with a number of characters on a single account.  While you can do that somewhat with WAR, the renown system really encourages you to pick a character and stick with it.  This is good and bad.

It’s good, because you get to know a character class very well.  You come up with your own tactics and play-style.   It’s bad, because it means that there’s a bunch of game content that you’ll never get to see.  Such is life, I suppose.

Anyway, play time was limited last night due to a 0400 wake-up time this morning (on a Sunday, no less, is there no justice in the world?), but I’ll have a bit more time tonight.  I did get in on a little open RvR last night, and got about a third of the way through renown rank 35.  Level 40 enemies no longer con purple to me, so that’s an improvement.  I also finally retired my tier 3 Devastator armor in favor of some tier 4 greens.  The difference is slight, but it’s there.