Blackfire Bloodbath

So, the Witching Hour event continues, with all that it entails.  Actually, all that it really entails is a massive punch-up in Blackfire Pass, followed by 45 minutes of sitting around while everyone goes AFK until the PQ restarts.  I don’t think this was what Mythic had in mind when they said they wanted to get more people into open RvR areas.  Order lost two cycles of the PQ and won one before I logged out early – it was getting too frustrating just waiting for the action to start again.

On the plus side, Koljarn made it to Renown Rank 26 last night, so his Battle Rank and Renown Rank are almost in equilibrium again (he’s Battle Rank 27).  Maybe I’m a little neurotic, but I like to keep the Battle and Renown Ranks equal to the point where I will stop doing any PvE for weeks at a time until the two ranks are synched up again.  This probably means that I’ll get to rank 40 much more slowly than everyone else, but I’ll be RR 40 by that time, too, and require less grinding – and then I can just enjoy whatever aspect of the endgame presents itself from day to day.

Mythic has announced that they are going to offer transfers to Ostermark.  Frankly, I find this somewhat disturbing – we had a nice population balance(51% Destruction, 49% Order), and most other servers have an overabundance of Destruction players.  I predict that things will go to hell pretty quickly, unless Mythic really implements some more draconian transfer policies.  I’d support not allowing transfers to any server side which already has a 60% majority of the accounts.  I know this would never be implemented by Mythic, though, because some people want to join the highly populated side.  Of course, they promptly whine that they can’t get any fights outside of scenarios, and scenarios take too long to start.   What they don’t seem to uinderstand is that it only affects their side, because of the population imbalance on their server!  If you really want to get into scenarios or find fights in open RvR, start characters on the underpopulated side of the server!

On the guild front, people are sending me tells out of the blue, asking me if I want to join them.  While it’s nice to be wanted, anyone just asking me if I want to join them makes me immediately suspicious.  I don’t know anything about them, and they really don’t know me.  Basically, it’s like some cloaked stranger coming up to me and asking “Hey, little dwarf, want some candy?”  Yikes.

On the positive side, it’s Hallowe’en.  That means two things.  First, my dog will bark his fool head off every time a kid comes to the front door and rings the bell.  Okay, that’s not the positive part, it’s just what he does.  The second thing is that I get to break out my collection of bad, bad, bad movies and savor them guilt-free.  If my housemates complain about it,  I can tll them to pound sand – it’s Hallowe’en, damn it!  The only question remaining, is which to watch first: Dead and Breakfast, Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind, Mister Vampire, or another gem from my collection.


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